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Although this is a for-profit-business the core value behind it is to be able to "pay it forward", and to achieve it to the extent we wish to, we needed to be a business. We care about people and the world we live in. While shopping at ensō Los Angeles, you can seamlessly contribute to other people's needs and dreams. We are not only supporting our artisans that are all small businesses offering ethically sourced and sustainable products, but also the below not-for-profit organizations. With great customer service we try to show you that we really do care. And finally we pick our packaging supplies very carefully with environment impact and sustainability on mind.

Women for Women International: We are firm believers that lifting up women will lift up societies. That is why we are passionate about giving back to support this cause. Women for Women is a non profit organization that invests in women survivors of war and conflict, providing them with social and economic skills. It costs $35/month to sponsor one women under this program, and we pledge to start with a women per founder (3 in total) and multiply it with as high of a number as we can with the increasing profits. You can read more about Women for Women HERE and learn how you can contribute further to touch their lives directly.

LGBTQ+ Communities: Not only during Pride month (also the other 11 months of the year), we are committed to do our part for supporting the empowerment of LGBTQ+ community through our donations to the Trevor Project; the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth and ILGA World; worldwide federation of more than 1,600 organizations from over 150 countries and territories supporting human rights defenders around the world, and raising awareness of LGBTI human rights violations at international fora, including the UN Human Right Council. Also all profits from our technicolor products go directly towards this mission.

Midnight Mission: Los Angeles is where we built a family, a business, a life... So we deeply care about our fellow Angelenos. Unfortunately, homelessness has been very real in Los Angeles and number of people, families loosing their homes is only increasing. The Midnight Mission is the oldest continuously operating human service organization in the Los Angeles region focusing on this issue and supporting individuals in many different ways to get them back on their feet. As ensō starting from day 1, we will be volunteering to as many meal services as we can, sponsoring group serve days, and donate 100 meals+care a month to Midnight Mission and hoping to grow our support as we grow. 

Women Owned Small Businesses: All products you see on our website are created by women- owned, small businesses. They do not have mass productions and are creative designers. That is why they are unique and very close to our hearts. When shopping at ensō, you choose to support these small businesses and this way we will be providing a meaningful income for these artisans - creating a positive, long-lasting impact.

Handmade & Natural Material: All our pieces are handmade using natural materials, we do not carry any piece made with harmful metals or inorganic materials. Everything is designed with passion and devotion by our artisans. That is the secret recipe to our magic. Our jewelry is made from ethically sourced solid gold and precious stones, including diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Where applicable, they are stamped and certified. This means you can feel confident knowing what you are wearing.  You can read more to understand materials HERE.

World is our home: We aim to use only natural materials in our products and packaging and supplies. While we focus on giving you a unique feeling with not only the product you purchase but the long-lasting packaging you can reuse, our shipping boxes and labels are also biodegradable and/or recyclable.

Customer Care: We see our customers and our designers as a part of our extended family and we are committed to taking care of you. That includes answering questions, helping you make decisions, resolving concerns, and just generally being accessible. If you are happy, we are happy!

World Wide Shipping: We ship worldwide to reach everyone all around the globe. Not a favoritism but, a small favor to our US customers, though - all US orders are eligible for free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.