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MAGNOL: MAGNOL was established by Esin Sozer Kalender and Yasin Kalender in 2019. Brand’s designer, Esin, along with profession in interior design and her interest in art, textiles and fashion, went on a journey to interpret natural codes through authentic patterns and bold colors to express her passion for nature, and interest in transforming art into daily life through an art and design practice.
Magnol’s brand story is based on a magnolia tree. Esin gathers her inspiration through seeing the fallen leaves of the magnolia trees, she brings attention to the bright colors and changes that are happening within nature. She produces a variety of objects using different painting techniques together with natural dried flowers and leaves found in nature, which are otherwise prone to disintegrate. Magnol produces one-of-a-king brooches made out of individually hand painted magnolia leaves, a limited edition of silk scarves and accessories with hand drawn patterns and genuine leather handbags with authentically casted resin handles with floral remnants; aiming to manifest artistic expressions for the everyday life. Sensitive to contemporary up-cycling methods, Magnol, uses natural materials with brand new functions and creates daily objects aiming to introduce them to us.


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MTOY: MTOY is a costume jewelry brand right out of your grandmother’s closet.  The founder Muge is a passionate designer. Painting and creating has always been present in her life.  At the age of 16, she moved to the US. Right after graduating from high school, she attended an art school in San Francisco. 2 years later she moved to Miami and got her BA in Culinary Arts. After working and traveling in different countries she decided to show her cultural experiences in jewelry making. She grew up with women who love jewelry. That’s one of the reasons why she likes to produce timeless jewelry.  MTOY reflects the complementary power of the harmony and differences of contrasts to her design and craftsmanship. Her inspiration mainly comes from different ethnicities, nature and architectural objects. Each of these jewels are crafted by highly experienced artisans blessed by the historical workshops they work at.

Water Lily

PADME DESIGNS: Ipek Selek Adıgüzel, graduated from Northwestern University with a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. After working for leading companies in fashion business, she started a search for endeavors other than a career in corporate life. During a trip to India she was introduced to “Om mani padme hum” mantra, meaning the jewel inside the lotus flower, which initiated her journey to search for her dreams. Ipek believes that the layered leaves of the pure white flower that grows inside swamps, symbolizes the awakening of consciousness and rebirth. Designing jewelry became something more than a hobby for her, and soon became her passion. To commit herself truly to this task and to create pieces that she had dreamed of, she parted from corporate life and initiated this journey at a jewelry workshop. Along with the workshop, she completed jewelry, diamonds and colored stones courses from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and accomplished to earn the Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) title. Ipek created Padme Designs in 2014, which originated from the “Om mani padme hum” mantra that guides her during her journey. The 14K gold pieces that are adorned with precious gemstones, form a connection with the wearer and become “Daily reminders” during the hustle of daily life. Ideas that give her motivation and happiness are integrated in the designs for the seekers of inner peace.


TUKUTUKUM: Tugba Kuzdere, founder of the brand, after graduating from Communications and Design, studied Fashion Marketing and Management at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano, and worked at companies like Ugo Cacciatori and Costume National in Milano. 
She later moved to Istanbul and founded her own company ‘Lamodaist’ to provide 360 fashion consulting services to designers and fashion brands and launched the project ‘Build Your Own Fashion’ with her friends to support young fashion designers. Tugba then went onto realizing her dream of creating her own brand, and that was when TukuTukum was born. A brand that brings together the quality of manufacturing and craftsmanship with modern designs. It focuses on supporting the strong, brave and playful side of life - highlighting striking  patterns that are designed with care.  Each collection is the result of a long and delicate creation process. Her inspiration has always been modern art and daily life. Her designs are founded upon deep admiration to unique and timeless elegance, art and handicraft. TukuTukum pieces are all created by artisans with sustainable resources and combining authentic and traditional handmade techniques and craftsmanship with modern production techniques. All pieces are hand-finished by highly qualified local women. TukuTukum became one of the most coveted lifestyle brands with its ever changing and unique designs, and was featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. Tukutukum’s designs always highlighted and supported the strength of women and was also recognized by Arya Women Platform in 2016. 

Star Cluster

ZOE: Zeynep Okmen Gafuroglu, studied and worked in PR for a few years before she could no longer resist the creative voice inside her and completed various fashion design programs offered by Central St. Martins (London) and Domus Academy (Milan). She studied fashion design at LaSalle Academy and in 2009, and launched her first collection “Urban Fairy Tales” with a photo exhibition. She created ready to wear and couture collections for her customers until in 2019 when she launched ZOE. Since then she has been creating bags that tell stories with their handcrafted details. She works with local craftsmen, mostly women, to be able to give something back to life.




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