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From the designer of Padme Designs 

First appearances are important. Getting past first appearances and truly knowing someone is even more important. To recognize their Essence. Only after developing this competence, can we get to see our own Essence and embrace it.

The outer part of this piece represents appearances, the inner ring represents behaviors and the center stone represents the Essence.

As a whole the interpreted eye shape symbolizes the protection of the Essence. Every time you look at this piece, remind yourself to see beyond appearances and behaviors, and explore what’s within.

Essence Mixed Chain Bracelet by Padme Designs

  • 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold 
  • Precious stones: 0.20ct Ruby/ Lapis Lazuli/ Jade
  • Each piece is handmade using real gemstones and precious stones.  Please note that the color and the shape of our natural stones might slightly vary from item to item
  • Chain Length: 6.5" .Please reach out to us if you require a longer chain length
  • This product is highly customizable. You have the option to select between different types and colors of gold chains. You can even pick the gold colors of each circle  around the precious stone to make it completely unique! If interested, please tell us the details in the notes section or send us an email at for your request


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