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We’ve been friends since single digits, and just like our friendship, the values and passions we share in common only grew stronger.  We moved to different parts of the world, built new lives from scratch as first-generation immigrant women, and valued the community relationship we grew up with.


We wanted to give back, in order to do that, we needed to grow.


While shopping at ensō, you can seamlessly contribute to small businesses  and people with dreams and needs.

We work with women-owned small businesses and commit to care for things that are bigger than us.


Out of this passion, we are bringing you enso Los Angeles.

We are really excited to share our passion and curated collections with you.

Whether searching for your dream necklace, your Friday night party earrings, that first impression for that super important meeting; or the perfect gift to show your gratitude; we are here to be a part of that moment.

About Us | how can we help you? social m

We know millions of options are out there, but sometimes they are just not quite what you have in mind or you don't have the time to search for hours or time to travel the world. Therefore, we offer custom orders connecting you with the experienced artisans.


It's a great pleasure to meet you! Welcome to the family!

We just want you to be inspired. We try to offer unique designs that can be a statement piece alone, or a part of a complete look.

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