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Since the dawn of time, humans have sought answers in the sky, mapped the location of the stars, and  the  phases  of  the  planets.  Not  to  mention that  recently  billionaires  are  racing  their  own  rockets  into space. Why the  attraction? These are all forms of contact that help humans to find a place to be in the universe.  


It is exactly from looking at the sky that Elena Manferdini found an inspiration for ORBIT- her exclusive ring for Ensō Los Angeles. The design is stemming  from an  interest in the geometrical representation of the curved trajectory of an object, such as the trajectory of a planet around another one.


Atelier Manferdini’s design places a pearl at center of gravity of the ring; these gemstones, especially the white variety, are symbols of the moon, and are associated with purity, wisdom, and peace. Two orbits twirl around the gemstone to create a precious embrace.

Pearl Orbit Ring

Gold Color
  • 14K Solid Gold with 11mm Pearl
  • Total diamond weight is approximately: 0.14ct
  • Each piece is handmade using pearl and diamonds.  Please note that the size, color and luster of the pearl might slightly vary from item to item
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