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10 Birthstone-Inspired Gemstones for Your Jewelry Collection

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

From dazzling diamonds to crisp white pearls, jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit. But did you know that the gems you wear can actually enhance your spiritual and emotional energy? For centuries, certain gemstones have been associated with prosperity, luck, healing, and wisdom. Wearing the stone that coincides with your birth month or astrological sign can heighten a stone’s healing powers. Tap into the energy of your birth month and add these 10 birthstone-inspired jewelry items to your accessory collection today!

Ruby is the July birthstone. Long associated with the life force of blood, ruby has come to symbolize power, youthfulness, love, and passion. This delicate necklace is made from 14k rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. With a 0.2-carat ruby center, this necklace is a modern interpretation of the evil eye. Handmade using real gemstones and precious stones, this item also comes in different styles and details based on request. This highly-customizable accessory makes a unique, elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Worshipped by many ancient civilizations, this precious stone has been honored for its ability to attract good luck, intelligence, courage, and success. This Lapis Lazuli Moon Charm highlights the healing power of this stunning blue stone with 14k rose gold detailing.

Onyx is one of the mythical birthstones associated with the month of December. This powerful stone can be used to negate negative thoughts and treat physical ailments. In the Middle East, people often rub onyx through their fingers in order to decrease stress and anxiety. Take advantage of the mental and physical healing properties of this gorgeous birthstone with the Onyx Sphere Hoop Earrings.

The Quartz Heart Charm Necklace is accented with handpicked diamonds. Diamond is the April birthstone. One of the most sought-after gems around the world, this birthstone is known for clarity and strength. The word “diamond” actually comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “invincible.” Honor the unbreakable power of the diamond with the Quartz Heart Charm necklace!

Jade Milestone Ring

Jade is famous for its rich, emerald-green hue. In imperial China, jade was a symbol of high rank and authority, and was often nicknamed the “Stone of Heaven.” Chinese religious ceremonies, philosophy, and art are closely tied to this precious stone. Jade is especially powerful for people born in March. The Jade Milestone Ring is a powerful way to incorporate jade into your everyday wardrobe.

Want to wear your birthstone around your wrist? Our Birthstone Bracelet allows you to customize the central gemstone on each bracelet, and the dropdown menu on our website also provides a list of birthstones and their matching zodiacs (in case you’re an astrology fan, like us). Pick one up for yourself, a friend, or family member, and embrace the healing properties of your birth month or astrological sign!

Moonstone is famous for its bluish-white spots that reflect silver against the light. Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries. The Romans admired the stone for its spiritual connections to the moon, and the stone would be used to communicate with lunar gods and goddesses. Moonstone is believed to enhance passion, bring good fortune, and calm emotions.

If you were born in February, then your birthstone is the purple amethyst. Amethyst is believed to keep the wearer feeling clear-headed and quick-witted in all affairs. Wearing this gorgeous lilac stone can be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength. Consider buying this stunning amethyst bracelet for the king or queen in your life--or treat yourself to a royal present. Our Initial bracelet allows you to select up to 5 letters for your name or initials, and up to 5 unique gemstones to compliment your accessories.

Obsidian is the November birthstone. This stone is actually a type of volcanic glass, known for its protecting and grounding properties. Obsidian is also associated with the Scorpio sign; because Scorpios can be deeply emotional, obsidian can be used for emotional release and deep physical relaxation.

Can’t choose just one type of gem? The Rainbow Initial Necklace incorporates a mix of both precious and semi-precious stones. Each order can be customized with one of your initials for an extra touch of uniqueness.

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