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DiamondBuzz thinks we are making a difference!

Here is what they said about us in their post that we were so honored to be on:

Ensō Los Angeles is a relative newcomer in the fine jewellery world. However, there is something exceptional and inspiring about this brand. It was created from scratch by first-generation immigrant women, with the core value behind the business to contribute to other people’s needs and dreams.


Ensō is a women-owned small jewellery business based in Los Angeles, offering one-of-a-kind fine jewellery collections handcrafted in solid gold, GIA certified natural diamonds and colour gemstones.

Ensō founders and creative designers have been friends since single digits, and after moving to different parts of the world, their friendship not only grew stronger but also allowed them to found a collaborative jewellery business. The inspiration of Ensō designs comes from different ethnicities, nature and architectural objects and serve the wearer a daily reminder that peace comes from within.

Ensō Los Angeles is a fine jewellery brand that cares about nature and other people’s needs. And these are not only words. Ensō founders are passionate about supporting Women for Women International, a non-profit organization, working at the critical intersection of women and conflict, providing knowledge, skills and resources to create sustainable change in their lives. They are also supporting the city where they started a new life, built their families and business. That is why supporting the Midnight Mission, the oldest continuously operating homeless services provider in Los Angeles, is another meaningful action.

It is worth mentioning that Ensō commitment is not limited to the above. For more information on how you contribute to people with needs and dreams each time you purchase a piece of jewellery at Ensō, please check out the following link. By supporting small businesses, you not only provide a meaningful income for these artisans but also create a positive and long-lasting impact.

Now when we are aware of the reasons to purchase jewellery at Ensō, let’s review their designs and the recent collaboration with an Italian architect and the owner of Atelier Manferdini, Elena Manferdini.

Jewellery design has always been tight with architecture and nature. That is why it is not a coincidence that many designs are inspired by patterns and shapes found in nature and architectural objects. That is the case with the Pearl Orbit ring created by Elena Manferdini for Ensō Los Angeles.

Since the dawn of time, humans have sought answers in the sky, and it is exactly from looking at the sky that Elena Manferdini found inspiration for Orbit – her exclusive ring for Ensō. The design is the geometrical representation of the curved trajectory of a planet around another one. Atelier Manferdini’s design places a pearl at the centre of gravity of the ring as this gemstone is a symbol of the moon and is associated with purity, wisdom, and peace. Two orbits adorned with diamonds twirl around the gemstone to create a precious embrace.

Another eye-catching piece found at Ensō is emerald-studded heart-shaped charm earrings by Padme Designs featuring cabochon cut natural emeralds in a solid gold setting. If you are looking for a modern interpretation of the traditional evil-eye, the Diamond Essence necklace by Padme Designs is the jewel we recommend. It is available with natural lapis lazuli, jade and ruby.

Labradorite sphere hoop earrings by Padme Designs is another must-see design, available in all sought-after gemstones such as moonstone, jade, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, onyx, etc.

Looking for something more personalized?

Take a look at quartz Star and Heart earrings by Padme Designs crafted with rose quartz and diamonds. As you can see, it is definitely worth browsing the Ensō Los Angeles website to find a perfect gift for our loved ones or yourself.

Moreover, if you are interested in something special, you can give a personal touch to Ensō jewellery styles with custom gemstones or request custom design jewellery featuring high-quality craftsmanship. Ensō designers are ready to bring your ideas to life.

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